Surgical Instruments

Here you can find all information about the ophthalmic instruments we offer. We have available a wide range of all types of surgical instruments for all currently used platforms.

Quality & Experience

Our surgical instruments are manufactured in Europe with modern machining methods and completed by highly specialized technical personnel with more than 30 years of experience. The factory complies with all the requirements of quality systems and international controls including ISO 13485: 2016, ISO9001: 2015 and CE mark.

Manufactured in Europe

All the instruments are manufactured in Europe.

CE Mark & ISO Certified

Certified with ISO 13485:2016, ISO9001:2015 and CE mark.


Retinal Tips

All types of retinal tips and scissors in disposable version as well as re-usable version with a re-usable handpiece.

Vitrectomy Cutters

All our vitrectomy cutters are double-cut and can be connected to the most used platforms in the market.


Trocar sets with removable valves and infusion line for BSS.

Light and Laser Fibers

All types of light fibers (standard, wide angle or shielded) and straight or curved laser fibers.

Retinal Chandelier

Retinal Chandelier, also in dual version.

Retinal Pics and Cannula

Retinal pics, also in an illuminated version and infusion cannula for BSS and oils.

Accessories for Tamponades

Injection/Extraction of oil and cannula for tamponades.


Backflush in disposable and re-usable version, with different tips and their reservoirs.

Phaco Needles

Phaco Needles in disposable or re-usable version, available with accessories for all the platforms used.

Irrigation/Aspiration Bi-Manual Hand Pieces

Diagnostic Strips

Fluorescent strips and Schirmer strips.

Lacrimal Intubation Sets


Cannula for anesthesia, capsulotomy, hydrodissection and lacrimal. Also cannula for irrigation, air injection and viscoelastics.

Custom Packs

Custom packs for retina and for cataract, can be completely customized as per your requirements.

A glance into the future: The revolutionary design of the new WEYEZER cutter (patent pending)

Dr. Carlos Matero and Dr. Jeroni Nadal explain us their first experiences with the new revolutionary design of the vitrectomy cutter (patent pending) during the in-vitro tests.

Every day we get a bit closer, meanwhile we invite you to have a look at the short video with the first impressions of Dr. Mateo and Dr. Nadal.