During the Biotech Coffee Chats, we interview leaders in the ophthalmic industry, gathering their opinions not only on traditional technical conversations, but also on many other interesting topics that have guided the lives of these ophthalmologists. We talk about how they got to where they are now, where they have failed, what they have learned, what motivates them and how they maintain balance.

They tell us anecdotes from their medical practice and careers, and we get to know a more human side of these successful surgeons, which on the other hand you will never be able to discover in professional meetings.

In any case, whether it’s a surgical advice or one to make better decisions in life, we are sure that you will take good advantage of these Coffee talks, which you can enjoy while driving in the car to work, traveling on the train or bus, you practice your sport, or you prepare your favorite dish at home.

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All Biotech Coffee Chats are being held in Spanish

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